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Slight Update

May 5th 2017

I'm lousy at updating my webpage. I often think that this is the time I'll start doing that more often - but I always end up in the same place where there's almost a year inbetween each news update. However, life is generally good. I've been 6 months at work at a company called Qualisoft, which was meant as a temporarily job to get some work experience in the field of IT. I think generally it went pretty good and I learnt a lot in a fairly short period of time, but now it's back again looking for jobs.

While refreshing my Javascript courses (which I did on Codecademy), I found a Rock, Paper, Scissors game that I made with the help of the tutorial. I fixed it up a little and added a proper webpage to showcase it - even if a simple one - and you can now find it in "Projects" in all it's glory (as much as I feel a text-based Rock, Paper, Scissors game can be)! The basic idea from the Codecademy course was pretty simple (one round even if tie, and just console.log prints. I've taken that assignment a little further at least, and I hope you have fun with it.

Growing potatoes

August 17th 2016

So, fairly late spring I decided to plant 4 potatoes in my DIY garden, and I was fairly uncertain how this would turn out considering that I'm not very good with plants and such. Today I decided to check on it and harvest whatever was available and lo and behold, there was actually more than 4 potatoes in the box!

Next year I'll hopefully get even more potatoes!

The webpage is expanding

August 15th 2016

I was going to keep it somewhat simple, but now I've branched out with all the projects located on their own webpage. This way it's easier to find the information needed about them. At the moment there's not a lot of information here, but it will expand as I develop new stuff and/or have more information to fill in.

This will now be my new webpage and hopefully I'll manage to keep it updated in a more fashionably way now. I hope the page will be clean enough for people to follow if there's anyone interested in that.

All the best,
Christoffer Nygaard

A new portfolio

August 14th 2016

I've started working on a portfolio page that covers what I'm doing in a easier fashion compared to the old webpage. This is also part of the assignments that they've given at Codeacademy.

I'll try and keep everything on one page for a change instead of going the typical multi-page route I usually go.

Interview with Noroff

August 9th 2016

Today an interview with me was published on Noroff's webpage. The interview is in Norwegian and it covers my final project, the Blackjack program that you can find here.

The interview itself can be found here

About Me


Name: Christoffer Nygaard

Age: 31

Location: Bryne, Norway

Hobbies: Coding, Gaming, Music

More in depth:


Back when I was a lot younger I was always a bit interested in web design. I created some pages back then, which now a days look horrible, but back then it was decent enough. I was a bit lazier back then and used Microsoft Frontpage for the main work, and then after I had created the page as I wanted it to look like I edited some of the code manually in notepad and another HTML oriented editor which I’ve forgotten what was called. After some years, however, the spark I had for web design had kind of faded away. At this age I was too restless to sit down and learn new stuff, and I realized pretty quickly that my knowledge was getting a bit outdated (seeing as CSS was starting to be a big thing, and people generally took webpages in very different directions than what I did).

In 2014 I started studying “Network and IT-Security”, which lasts for two years. This is where my interest in coding came back to life as I realized that I find a certain calm and relaxation when I work with code. Sure, it can be frustrating as hell sometimes, but when the problems are solved it leaves me with such a huge feeling of satisfaction. Even the smallest ‘victories’ feel good.

During the briefly mentioned studies, there was one module that really sparked my interest in coding again, and it was the module named “Programming”. This module lasted for 7 weeks and covered basic programming using mainly C (with some C++ added to the end of the course). I’m not entirely certain why, as this was probably the module I was the most nervous about when reading what we were going through, but it just clicked for me and I had so much fun making stuff in both CLI and GUI.

While HTML/CSS isn’t really programming, it’s part of this full ‘package’ deal that I’ve started on at CodeAcademy (and also on freeCodeCamp). I think it’s important to know these languages also considering that you can always find the use for it at a later stage.


Music has always been a very important part of my life. I loved singing as a child, and I loved playing around on this old Casio keyboard that I had. I wasn’t particularly good, but I was more or less improving. Started playing bass guitar when I was 14, because I found it easier than guitar. These days I play more acoustic guitar (and some el-guitar) and I rarely ever touch the bass guitar… Might be playing bass with Suicide Asylum when we have time to start that up again. My main focus at this point however is Savn, where I play el-guitar and do some singing, and Midnight Jam which is my acoustic solo project.


I've grown up with video games. More or less since I was a small child there was always some machine to play it, be it the Commodore 64, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Sega Master System, Sega MegaDrive (Genesis for some), PC... well you name it. I think however, that C64 and PC are probably the earliest memories of video games that I have. Now a days I'm mostly gaming on the Playstation 4, but once in a while I play games on PC and also on older consoles (SNES/N64).

Outside of the virtual worlds I also do love to play some board games. Some of my favorites are Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness and Carcassonne. I'm also running two separate games of Call of Cthulhu (6th Edition), using Fantasy Grounds. This way we (me and my brothers) can play with our friends in Finland. The other game is with local friends, but we've decided to use the software nevertheless because it really has its advantages. We're just waiting for 7th Edition to be released on Fantasy Grounds, since that's definitely a much better ruleset than 6th edition.


No Picture Yet

Not Here (Game)

Description: This is my planned 2D psychological horror adventure game. Won't be ready before at least 2-3 years, but might even take longer time.



Description: This project was the final project during my "Network and IT-Security" study. It's coded mainly in C, but since wxWidgets is used for GUI there's some C++ code aswell.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Description: This project was also created during my IT study. Pretty much the same as Blackjack, the code is mainly in C, with some C++ due to how wxWidgets works. It has the possibilty to play against the CPU or against another player. (Old designs)

Description: Here you can find previously old designs. Most of them ain't that nice looking, but they're part of the webpage history.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats

Description: This is a page I made in line with a freeCodeCamp assignment.

The Unknown

The Unknown (Beta)

Description: A text based Javascript horror game I made. It was more an attempt to test out stuff I had learnt in Codeacademy. I'm working on fixing the grammar issues (and also fixing up the story a little bit) + trying to see if I can find any better ways to run it.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Description: A simple Javascript game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The game will continue until either you or the computer wins. It's a project I started on with Codecademy around summer of 2016. In 2017 when I was refeshing my Javascript I came over this project again and I decided to fix it up slightly and showcase it on the webpage. It uses simple Boostrap grid features to showcase the rounds.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Dahle Foto

Description: A quick and simple webdesign I made for a friend who wanted a webpage to publish his photos on. Powered by Concrete5.

Role-Playing Games

Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition)

Call of Cthulhu is published by Chaosium

At this moment I'm running two games of Call of Cthulhu games with friends, using a software called Fantasy Grounds. We've finally upgraded to 7th Edition, which is such an improvement over the 6E - in my opinion. I'm sure there's always someone who disagrees.

One of the games are run with my two brothers and mutual friends of ours from Finland. It was the first group I tried to run games with using Fantasy Grounds, and it was an idea that strung from the fact that I at least couldn't afford to travel as much to Oulu as I used to. This way we get to keep in contact and do stuff together despite living somewhat far away from each other, which is great. This is also why this is what I personally consider my 'Primary' group. These sessions are at this point being recorded, but are more for personal use to be able to go back and re-listen to stuff that has happened and how stuff has progressed. At some point, if everyone involved is willing, I might start streaming the sessions on Twitch, but I'll update with that if that's the case. At the moment we've just started on one of the biggest written campaigns that this game has.

The 'secondary' group is with local friends. We've decided to use Fantasy Grounds as well since it's very convenient. So far we've met up at my place and everyone is on their own laptop with the software running. We're now a days running a campaign set in modern times.

Before getting more serious on the matter and using Fantasy Grounds, me and the local group tested out the D20 Call of Cthulhu rules, believing that it would be a lot better with the d20 rules, but honestly, after having played both I prefer the original ruleset.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing (1st Edition)

Warhammer Fantasy RPG is published by Games Workshop

Some years back, a friend of mine had the idea to run a Warhammer Fantasy RPG game. I signed up for the idea as back then it had been quite a while since I had played any tabletop RPG's. He had been reading through the campaign Doomstones, and he was very eager to run it. Me and several friends quickly jumped onboard with this idea and we started playing.

Sadly, due to scheduling issues it has been on a hiatus for a while, but things might be looking up this autumn. What I've proposed as an idea is to use Fantasy Grounds, since then people can still jump into games even if they have to be at home with their children. This has been working fairly well with the games I'm running, and seeing as there's a unofficial ruleset for Warhammer 1st Editon available, I really don't see the point of not doing it. There might be some extra work for the GM during the setup, but apart from that it's running very smoothly. I think the plan is to eventually move over to this platform with this game also, but we'll see how that turns out.


This is my solo project. It was formerly known as Dysthymia, but considering that the style changed and there was a black metal band starting up using that name, I figured it was better to change it. It's been going through phases and it's had so many different musical styles that I've almost lost count. Now a days it's a bit alternative rock, in the style of Nick Cave, The National, Two Gallants etc. It's mainly acoustic though, but I tend to throw in some drums and other stuff if I see fit.

Earlier this year I started playing guitar in a already established band called Savn, and it's been going quite nicely. Both me and my brother Tommy joined the band at the same time, which was kinda nice since we usually work fairly well together in those kinds of settings. We did a gig in Belgium and also a local gig before I decided to leave the band. I've gotten a bit bored of metal music, and while I had a good time with the band - it just didn't feel like the right thing to do for me. So out of respect for everyone else I felt it was the right choice to do. The best of luck in the future!

Suicide Asylum was born from the ashes of Dingir Xul, me and Tommy's earlier band. In many ways, Suicide Asylum was everything Dingir Xul wasn't. Where we attempted something serious and brutal with Dingir Xul, we wanted something fun and a bit more easy going with Suicide Asylum. It has grooves and beats that are catchy and fun, but the vocals are a bit growly and deep. This band has been on a hiatus for a while due to many reasons, but now a days it's mainly because both me and Tommy wants to focus on Savn and do our very best there. Suicide Asylum is not disbanded, but rather put on hold indefinitely.

The band consists of:

  • Christoffer - Vocals (and probably bass guitar)
  • Tommy - Guitar
  • Christer - Guitar
  • Geir Jone - Drums

This was a band originally started by me and my brother, Tommy. After recording our first demo at Daniel Vrangsinn's home studio, we started looking for a drummer so that we could do some gigs, and also be able to throw away the crappy programmed drums. A work collegue of Tommy, Christer Amundsen, was willing to join us on drums and from there he journey started. We recorded 4 demos in total, but the last demo was never released. We had some gigs as support for Carpathian Forest, Nattefrost, Syrach, The Deviant and also we did a gig at Oktober Rock (2005) in Alvik. All in all pretty fun times, but eventually during the recording process of the unreleased demo I was getting a bit tired of doing it. We had been working so much on this without getting anywhere and I was growing softer (hah). The band disbanded in 2007/2008.

The band consisted of:

  • Christoffer - Vocals (and Bass on everything except the final demo)
  • Tommy - Guitar and Backing Vocals (he did the grim vocals the first three demos)
  • Christer Amundsen - Drums
  • Damian - Bass (the unreleased demo and also the final gigs)

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